What metal do you use in your jewelry?
All my jewelry is made from solid sterling silver .925. I NEVER use plated or mixed metals. 
Will this turn my finger green?
No. I only use sterling silver so it will not turn your finger green. Cheap metals or poor quality alloys will cause your finger to go green. On rare cases IF you have an allergy to silver it may slightly discolor your finger.
Can your rings be re-sized?
Yes. Any local jeweler near you should be able to re-size most of my ring designs.
Are wide ring sizes different from skinny ring sizes?
Yes. Wide rings fit tighter so as a rule of thumb you should always order at least a half size larger. If it is a really wide ring then go a full size up. If your getting your finger sized at a jewelers let them know you want to be sized for a wide band. They should have different width ring sizers. This will ensure you will be ordering the correct size.